Frost Trucking safely and securely transports your temperature sensitive cargo in our refrigerated trucks throughout the Western and Central United States.


Our drivers are experienced working with perishable items that need to be stored and monitored at precise temperatures. Frost Trucking offers timely deliveries that aid in preserving and maintaining the freshness and value of your shipment.


An important part of our business is transporting agricultural commodities, and in doing so, we take extra precautions to protect your cargo. Frost Trucking does not haul any products that compromise the quality or safety of your “ready-to-eat” goods (no raw meat, no chemicals and no hazardous materials are transported in our equipment), so you can rest assured that our trucks are free from the potential for cross-contamination. Upon customer request, we are always happy to sanitize our trucks and equipment prior to loading sensitive cargo.


Expedited Shipping

Because Frost Trucking understands the stringent demands that accompany temperature controlled products, we offer round-the-clock support and expedited shipping.